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Better Chip – Jalapeño and Sea Salt

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Evenin’! I had a really major hankering for some nachos today – but cheese and I aren’t really friends, despite my undying love, and I wanted the gross kind of nachos that you can only get at ball games, gas stations, and movie theaters. I can’t honestly think of the last time I purchased nachos from a gas station, but the more I tossed the idea around of caving in after I got off work – the worse it sounded. Nothing good would come of this!

So I rummaged around in my stash of foods to see what I had that would potentially pacify my craving for cheesy spicy nachos. I picked up these Better Chips at SaveMart a couple of weeks ago and kind of forgot about them because the bag is rather small, and they got smashed behind a bunch of other chips, that I have not had the courage to try yet.


I was curious what I was getting myself into with these. They claim to be all natural and better, but was I going to be eating a spicy salty cardboard puck? When I opened the bag, which has a tear spot vs just opening them like normal chips. I attempted to tear them across the top because I found it more aesthetically pleasing, but I couldn’t get it to tear all the way so I had to opt for down the side. It really made me feel inept at opening a simple bag of chips. THANKS GUYS.

They had a faint smell of jalapeño, but nothing overbearing. I liked that the flavor was baked into the chip instead of heavily sprinkled on top. These chips were kind of a silent killer. I popped one in my mouth and was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they were. They had an excellent balance of corn, salt and spice from the jalapeño, then the more I chewed, the progressively hotter they got. Have you ever had spicy food where you feel like the only recourse to keep the spice at bay is to continue eating at a continuous pace? Thats what happened with these. The bag was probably gone in 1.5 minutes. I’m not proud, but they were scrumptious.


Texture: 4/5 – These had a satisfying crunch to them and I really enjoyed the absence of spray on flavor that usually makes things a little gritty and messy.

Smell: 2/5 – There was hardly any smell at all to these chips. This is probably due to the ingredients being baked into the chip.

Appearance: 2/5 – In my line of volunteer work, I have seen a lot… A LOT… of emesis. (if you don’t know what that is, Google it when you’re not eating lunch) The chunks of jalapeño kind of reminded me of this, which did not make for a visually appealing snack.

Taste: 4/5 – These chips were really tasty. I would love to enjoy them with a sandwich, and wish that more sandwich places would carry them as a generic chip alternative. They had a nice crunch, the flavor was tasty, the heat was just enough, not to the point where they were too hot, and you get a decent amount for your buck. The only thing that could have taken these to the next level would be if they had a hint of cheese. Yum!

November 14, 2012


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SPOIL YOUR DINNER turns 1 month old today!

Normally – I wouldn’t give a rip about my website turning 1 month old. I have had many personal blogs, other projects, etc come and go, but nothing has compared to how awesome this last month has been for me with my humble little website here. You guys are honestly amazing – I can’t believe how this went from an idea that I have been kicking around in my head for months to reality where I get tons of people from around the world reading what I have to say… its truly incredible.

So, tonight I shall spend my evening playing Call Of Duty – since I promptly passed out last night after getting the game at midnight and didn’t manage to see a single minute of what the game looked like. I will leave you with the top 9 reviews for the month. Check back tomorrow for a brand spankin’ new review!

  1. Limited Edition Chex Mix – Peppermint Bark Muddy Buddies.
  2. Limited Edition Pringles – Pumpkin Pie Spices
  3. Limited Edition Peeps – Sugar Cookie
  4. Pepperidge Farm Milanos – Peppermint Milano slices & Peppermint Milano Minis
  5. 3 Musketeers – Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows
  6. Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps – Mint Chocolate Chip
  7. Limited Edition Stacy’s Pita Chips – Simply Gingerbread
  8. Limited Edition Oreos – Lemon Twist
  9. McDonald’s – Holiday Pie

I love hearing from you guys – so please comment if you so desire! You can also get in touch with me via the contact form, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Bloglovin!

November 13, 2012

Happy Halloween!

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In the spirit of Halloween – My favorite holiday I present you with this video that I have found floating around on Youtube that I find quite humorous. Proper review to come later this afternoon!

October 31, 2012


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Howdy folks! Welcome to! You may be asking yourself what this site is all about?

I run a personal blog over at and have an intense love for junk food. I also like to post reviews of the different foods I try, but I did not want to clutter my personal blog with food reviews – thus, was born! So check back soon to see my first review coming soon!

October 18, 2012