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October 2012

Brach’s Carmel Apple Candy Corn & Green Apple Candy Corn

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Buried in a sea of classic candy corn, harvest corn, and candy corn pumpkins, Brach’s decided to mix things up a bit this Halloween and release two flavors to only crave once a year, Carmel Apple Candy Corn and Green Apple Candy Corn. Every year I convince myself that I love candy corn – and I do, but usually after 1 handful I’m good for another 364 days. I thought that these would change my mind, but nope – they didn’t.

First off, what shape is imprinted on the candy corn? Is it where the kernel is supposed to attach to the cob? Isn’t it supposed to be an indentation instead? I’ve always wondered that.

Let’s start with the Carmel Apple Candy Corn. I was curious how this flavor would translate to this delicious honey flavored treat – it wasn’t too bad. I tasted more honey than carmel and the apple flavor tasted rather fake. I know what you’re thinking, “Erin, it is fake.” I know this, but a girl can dream for a more natural flavor. I was also expecting the red portion to taste like apple and the brown portion to taste like carmel, but the entire candy had one flavor. All in all I would buy these to put out at a party.

The Green Apple flavor does not boast a honey undertone in the bag, which I didn’t notice until I tried them and was surprised by the lack of honey flavor. The bag also has the candy corn coloring backwards, nice proofing Brach’s. I didn’t care for these very much, mostly because it just tasted like a gritty apple candy. I honestly see this flavor as more of an Easter flavor than Halloween. You can definitely taste the crisp flavor of a green apple vs. a red. I still liked the Carmel Apple flavor more. I would not buy the Green Apple Candy Corn again.


Texture: 3/5 – If you have never had candy corn in your lifetime, I apologize for your sheltered childhood 😛 These are grainy just like the classic candy corn.

Smell: 4/5 – Both of these smell like their respective flavors. Yum!

Appearance: 3/5 – I’m still confused about the imprints on the candy corns. I also feel like the color blocking was not consistent across the board. They seemed like an after thought.

Taste: 2.5/5 – I would give the Carmel Apple Candy Corn 3/5. The flavoring is decent and it has the classic honey flavoring of regular candy corn. I give the Green Apple Candy Corn a 2/5. I did not care for the flavoring all that much, but I did enjoy the crispness.

October 21, 2012

Ice Cream Oreos: Rainbow Shure,Bert!

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A little blast from the past from my blog at until I can get everything straightened out over here!


This week we sample: Ice Cream Oreos: Rainbow Shure,Bert!

It’s no secret that Richard and I are total snack food junkies. Rarely do we walk down an aisle at a store and find something we haven’t tried, but that doesn’t stop us from looking. Last night during a spur of the moment dash to the Wal of Marts for today’s lunch, we spotted these little babies on an endcap. Snack foodie protip # 375 – always check the endcaps. Both of us have worked in grocery retail for a while (I currently do not anymore). Vendors will often either pay to be on prime endcaps or beg department leads for space for new product. Simply hiding it down the aisle doesn’t move units, thus rarely you see new product thrown directly in the home location from the beginning.

Richard and I love all things Oreo, and between the two of us, have tried every flavor that has been produced. You would have thought someone said there was one million dollars stashed inside of one of the packages if you had witnessed how big our eyes got and how quickly we both snatched up a bag last night. Richard was so excited that he even grabbed the wrong ones – sucker! Creamsicle Oreos for you! After grabbing a few other goodies in the store and perusing the toy department for anything interesting (which is almost just as bad as the junk food addiction, if you’ve read any of my previous Toy Thursday blogs) we headed out to the car. These babies didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before being torn open. Being the gentleman that he is, Richard offered me the first one out of the bag, and our conversation followed as such:

Richard: mmmmm…. this smells really good, I could smell this forever.

me: mmmmm… it smells really citrus-y.

Richard: mmmmm….

me: *pops whole Oreo into mouth* The flavor is really underwhelming. (please note I said this with a mouth full of Oreo, always the lady).

Richard: Yeah I was expecting more of a sher-berty… taste.

me: the flavor is really light, like I could eat a whole bag and not even realize it vs. other ones that is so sugary the guilt sets in after #4 or so. At least they taste better than the Berry Blast Oreos. (note: I argued that the filling of the Berry Blast Oreo tasted fake, hi, has anyone ever looked on the back of the package? the whole damn thing is fake.)

Richard contests that golden Oreos are more of his preference because according to him “The golden cookies, are like a blank canvas, you can have a sugar cookie, or an orange cookie, or Neapolitan cookie. Chocolate cookies already have a flavor to them and there is only so much you can do with the chocolate ones.” Then he proceeded to call himself a white pride activist. That last part is true in the sense that he said it, but untrue in the sense that he does not think that. He also prefers his chocolate items to be “moist”, such as cake, a candy bar, etc. Chocolate cookies are too dry dammit.*

*I may or may not have paraphrased some of that last paragraph. When he speaks, so much awesome comes out that I can hardly keep up on the keyboard, and this is why I keep threatening to record some of our conversations.

I prefer chocolate cookies myself. Give me the ole classic Oreo. Call me a creature of habit, but I will always go back to the old stand by. My package of Shure, Bert! Oreos will probably last me a week or two, but Richard’s on the other hand is probably already gone. If they were the classic version, I would have probably had the entire thing for breakfast, but instead I settled for honey mustard pretzels. Breakfast of Champions I say!

Conclusion: We would probably buy these again. And again…

Richard: 4/5 – looks well done, not messy and all over the place, appealing. would add another color to the frosting as the pink and green frosting is misleading, making you think that you are going to have a watermelon like treat.
Erin: 3/5 – i like the colors, but agree that the two colors does not give me the feeling of eating sherbet, where is the orange?!

Richard: 4/5 – very consistent with great taste. I don’t know. sure.
Erin: 3/5 – I prefer the cream in Oreos to be a little more firm so that when I twist them apart – my preferred method of eating Oreos, the cream stays on one side. When I twist these apart the cream will lift and trick me into thinking that its going to split in two, which totally bums me out.

Richard: 3/5 – I wish there was more of a citrus burst. I don’t even know what I’m saying right now.
Erin: 5/5 – Yeah I said, these babies smell good!

Richard: 4/5 – It tastes like sherbet, but I feel like the cookie dulls or takes away from the sherbet-y taste.
Erin: 4/5 – I agree with Richard that the flavor is a bit weak when combined with the Oreo. All alone its pretty delish.

October 20, 2012

Salsa de Chile Habanero, Chile con Queso, & Chile y Limon Pringles

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Let’s just start this post out by saying that despite the category classification for this post as ‘Chips”, let it be known that Pringles are not chips – they are crisps! They were even sued over this whole debacle if you can believe it. Now that the threat of a lawsuit is past us, let’s move on to the review!

I can’t say I am a huge Pringles-aholic. I can eat a portion of a can, but about 1/3 the way through, I’m done because the flavor doesn’t grab me. Give me a bag of Salsa Verde Doritos? Adios! I’ll kill that bag in one sitting. But I always come back to Pringles when burnt out on all kinds of other delicious snacks. The vibrant packaging really piqued my interest in these when I was meandering the aisles of my local Walmart, looking for something new to try. My shopping company opted for the Chile y Limon flavor, where I chose to purchase all three. I tried these about a week ago, but have been sitting on this review until I could figure out where I wanted to post it.


Salsa de Chile Habanero – I really love spicy food. Will it clear out my sinuses, make me sweat, and regret rubbing my eyes with my hands later? Sign me up! I had high hopes for this crisp to pack a nice little punch, but honestly it was rather underwhelming. You know the old adage “Eat with your eyes”? If you stare at this can of crisps long enough while crunching down on these, you can start to taste the breakdown in the flavor profile. Overall I think the flavor as a whole falls pretty flat. It’s over the top spice without much flavor – I feel like Pringles are giving me the finger saying “We are this spicy because we can be, get over it.” The inkling of flavor that I was able to place on this was a bit BBQ-y and smokey, both of which I’m not overly a fan of. I was disappointed because they smelled so good. Also what’s up with flavor-blasting only one side instead of equally coating the crisp?

Chile con Queso – After the disappointing first flavor, I went on to try these with low expectations. Upon first smell, I was pleasantly surprised. They smelled exactly like the cheesy pepper mixture you think of when eating queso. The intial flavor of these was mostly cheese with a mild pepper after flavor. I would have liked if the cheese flavor were a little more sharp instead of mild and milky. I did feel like Pringles redeemed themselves a little with this one.

Chile y Limón – Finally the Chile y Limón flavor on the chopping block. After taking a large inhale of the can after popping the top, I didn’t smell anything more than corn. Actually upon second smelling, I hardly smelled anything at all. I popped a few in my mouth and found that the flavor was pretty good. They had a nice spicy kick/afterburn and a lime undertone. It was not an overpowering lime flavor like the limited edition lime tortilla chips Mission put out this summer. It was just enough. Out of the three flavors I enjoyed these the most. Sadly though they also fell victim to the uneven seasoning on the crisp.

Texture: 4/5 They were just like any other Pringle. Light crisp with flavor sprayed on the outside vs. baked into the crisp.

Smell: 3/5 The habanero flavor had the most distinct smell, followed by the queso, then limón.

Appearance: 2/5 I’m giving these low marks because of all of the uneven flavoring on the crisps.

Taste: 3/5 I give the Habanero flavor a 2/5, the Queso flavor 3/5 and the Limón flavor a 4/5. All in all, I probably wouldn’t buy any of these again.

October 19, 2012


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Howdy folks! Welcome to! You may be asking yourself what this site is all about?

I run a personal blog over at and have an intense love for junk food. I also like to post reviews of the different foods I try, but I did not want to clutter my personal blog with food reviews – thus, was born! So check back soon to see my first review coming soon!

October 18, 2012