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December 2012

Charms Fluffy Stuff Snow Balls Cotton Candy – Strawberry

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Evening friends! Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet? I can’t decide if I am or not. My favorite thing about Christmas (other than the obvious family, friends, yadda yadda yadda) is the lights! I LOVE Christmas lights. There are some very cool displays here in Northern California and I can’t wait to check them out this year. Last night I picked this cotton candy up at The Nugget for no reason other than it was white cotton candy. I received a lot of ribbing because I was so excited about having white cotton candy, which I have never seen! I was disappointed though when I picked up the package and saw that the flavor was strawberry vs. peppermint. Strawberry doesn’t really strike me as a Christmas flavor, but I can roll with it I guess. But I also don’t think that peppermint cotton candy is a thing, so get it on candy companies.


Now let’s take a moment and give Charms an award at one of the longest titles for one of the most simple foods in existence. Part of the name seems rather redundant, but maybe you don’t know that fluffy stuff will be cotton candy. Maybe when you open the package you think you just opened a bag of teddy bear stuffing. That is exactly what this bag of cotton candy looked like. For a brief moment, my brain had in internal struggle were it did not want to eat it because it was convinced that I was going to be eating polyfill and not cotton candy. ALERT! ALERT! TURN BACK! THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS LADY.

I really love cotton candy. A friend of mine actually owns a legit cotton candy machine and allowed me once to make my own. In true fashion with my life, I managed to get more cotton candy all over my self and in my hair than I did on the stick, but at least I looked like I walked off the set of a Katy Perry music video. I took a small bite and thought it was okay. When you buy cotton candy from places like the fair or Chuck ‘E’ Cheese you know that the cotton candy won’t last long if it is even remotely humid. Set it down for a day, and it will magically disappear. But somehow, this bag does not wither away into nothing. I attribute this to massive amounts of chemicals. Which are totally tastable. After a few bites, I was indeed convinced that I in fact was eating strawberry flavored insulation.


Texture: 4/5 – If you have never had cotton candy and want to try some, but can’t get your hands on any, chew on a cotton ball or some stuffing from your kids teddy bear. Except turning into a weird gross mass in your mouth, it magically melts away into nothing.

Smell: 2/5 – This has hardly any smell at all – all you really smell is sugar.

Appearance: 2/5 – Because of the lack of color, it kind of loses its fun appeal of cotton candy. I also thought there were going to be small “snow balls” inside the bag instead of one giant snow brick inside the bag.

Taste: 2/5 – This tastes like sweet strawberry flavored chemicals. Charms should honestly stick to making Blow Pops and call it a day.

December 4, 2012

Little Pepi’s Pizzelle Waffle Cookies – Vanilla & Original Anise Flavor

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How’s it going guys? Tonight I am burning the midnight oil and killing some time while waiting for the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Well, my partner in crime is waiting for the release, I am tagging along for the fun of it. In an effort to kill sometime (which I have a lot of before the clock strikes midnight) we wandered the aisles of The Nugget (which is a fancy pants supermarket here) and looked for things that could be potentially tasty. I enjoy this store because they carry a lot of kind of hard to find items and their bakery and deli are AH-MAZAIN. Of course there are a lot of things that I turn my nose up because I have the culinary taste of a 6 year old child, I can always manage to find something to pick up anywhere I go.

I had never seen these cookies before, and truth be told, Little Pepi’s sounds like a hole in the wall pizza company more than it sounds like a cookie company. I was apprehensive about how these would be without any company from ice cream or frosting or some sort of companion. My favorite morning food is a waffle, and I like cookies, so these couldn’t be too bad, right?


Admittedly I did not pick these up, Richard did – but I like to assume that I have mutual rights to his property, legal or not 🙂 (Hi Richard, please let me continue to share your food after this post! :P) I had no interest in trying the Anise flavor as I do not care for black licorice, but in the spirit of being brave, I thought I would give it a try. We pulled into our destination for the DVD and had a little mini-feast of cookies in the car, which is why the pictures are not that great. We started with the vanilla flavor – most likely because it would be the more “safe” flavor. The vanilla flavor was pretty good. The cookie itself had kind of a chewy texture to it, despite being crispy for the most part. It tasted like a sweeter version of a waffle cone that you would get at a place like Coldstone. Alone they are pretty tasty, but I imagine that smothered in something like Nutella, or even some whipped cream, would take this over the top.

Then there is the Anise flavor. I made Richard try it first because again, I don’t like black licorice. He gave it a try and assured me that the flavoring was not too strong, so I trusted his judgement and had a small piece. NOPE. NOT GOOD. NO THANK YOU. He is right, the flavor is not super strong, but IT’S STILL THERE. *nothankyouhands*


Texture: 3/5 – This crispy cookie was somehow chewy, but chewy in a kind of stale way. Normally I would chalk this up to maybe getting a package that had some air in it or wasn’t sealed all the way, but both packages had the same texture. These also don’t expire until the first portion of next year, so I know that’s not the case either.

Smell: 4/5 – These have that rich buttery sweet waffle smell. Mmmm mmm…

Appearance: 4/5 – These are rather big cookies. I would venture to say that they are about almost 4 inches round. They all have a nice golden color and the classic waffle design.

Taste: 3.5/5 – I will only rate the vanilla flavor because the anise flavor was beyond not my cup of tea at all (which I would give a 1/5). Over all these cookies are good, but I would not see myself sitting down to enjoy these without the addition of something else like peanut butter or fruit or something of that nature. They are tasty and would be a great fancy edition to a bowl of ice cream as a yummy garnish.

December 3, 2012

Jack In The Box – Mini Brownies

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Good evening food lovers! I hope you had a stellar weekend. We had so much rain today that areas around me actually flooded. Not a normal occurrence here in Northern California. Once the rain finally let up, we ventured out to look for NES games and a second controller since my original one finally ran out of extra lives. Sadly the Dimple Records closest to me was wiped clean of all things original NES so I settled for the new Raveonettes album and was on my way.

I normally don’t eat a lot of fast food, so I’m not well versed in the new menu offerings that fast food joints have lately other than what various food bloggers are chatting about. I saw the post by The Impulsive Buy that Jack In The Box added brownies to their dessert menu so I figured, why not.

Then I was greeted with this…


Uh. Yeah. So I wasn’t expecting and sort of culinary masterpiece, because Jack In The Box is not a bakery by any stretch, but I was hoping for something that looked slightly more appealing. I was also surprised by how small they were. I would say that they are approximately 1.5 inches square, max, but for a dollar, what do you expect, right?

I think that where fast food places fail when it comes to things like desserts is that they attempt to make things that don’t fall in line with their menu. Mini churros work for Jack In The Box because they already deep fry things, but nothing at Jack In The Box is baked, so these don’t really work.

These would best be described as the slightly burnt corners/edges of a sheet of brownies. When you bite into these you are met with a sort of dry, sort of chewy, sort of normal brownie texture. I never had an Easy Bake Oven as a kid, but I imagine these are what brownies made in that would taste like. The chocolate flavoring is decent, but you can only really taste it when the brownie is in your mouth and not chewing. Once you start chewing, the flavor magically disappears.

Texture: 2/5 – The mixture of dry spots, chewy spots, and spongy spots make for a less than great taste.

Smell: 4/5 – Despite the taste and texture, these smell rather good.

Appearance: 1/5 – In person, these look like a small bag of turds.

Taste 2/5 – The semi burnt chocolate taste mixed with the uneven texture makes these almost inedible. Jack In The Box? I hope these are a really limited time engagement as it is time to go back to the drawing board.

December 2, 2012

Stacy’s Pita Chips – Garden Vegetable Medley

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It’s no secret that I have a love affair with Stacy’s pita chips. So far every flavor that I have tried, I have throughly enjoyed. Honestly I’m convinced that they could make cat food flavored pita chips and I would like them. Just kidding, that’s really sick. Today I spent the majority of the day curled up with my snack food parter in crimes cat and watching Netflix. Rough way to spend a rainy day, I know.

One advantage of being a junk food blogger is that there is never a shortage of delicious snacks to partake in when the mood strikes you. I had a hankering for something crunchy and remembered that I had these tucked away on a bottom shelf.


One of my absolute favorite thing about Stacy’s Pita Chips are that they bake the flavoring into the chip itself. I feel like a lot of other chip makers could take note of this as it tends to make the chip taste better, in my experience. The garden vegetable medley is a mixture of herb, tomato, and onion. Not exactly an entire garden in there and with a non-descript term like herb, I was curious if these would taste like a salad or some sort of Italian dish. Curious as to what herb was, I did a little investigating in the ingredients and found that it is thyme and rosemary (shouldn’t it be herbs?) Anywho, I really like rosemary and thyme so I let it slide. Sadly I’m pretty sure that someone drop kicked my bag of pita chips because upon opening it was nothing but chip shards, damn you SaveMart! The most apparent flavor in these chips are the herbs, followed closely by the tomato. These definitely have an Italian flavor to them, and they are really good (as expected). I did not pick up the onion until the very end and even then I thought it was rather faint. I think the only thing that I would change about these would be to add just a hint of garlic.


Texture: 4/5 – Stacy’s Pita Chips are twice baked, so they are always exceptionally crunchy (sometimes too crunchy)

Smell: 2/5 – Despite the normally pungent herbs used and the onion, the only smell I could pick up was of the pita bread itself. Weird.

Appearance : 3/5 – Most of the ingredients are visible when inspecting the chips, especially the herbs.

Taste: 4/5 – These pita chips are really good. The flavor does not linger on your mouth, which makes it easy to eat lots of these without realizing that you have consumed 2/3 of the bag. I also imagine that these would taste good slightly heated up with a small side of marinara. Note to self: buy marinara. I would definitely buy these again and would love for Stacy’s to sell actual pitas for sandwiches. Yum!

December 1, 2012