The Graze Debacle

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As some of you may have seen, or been part of the great Graze Debacle that happened on my blog recently. It was never my intention to lead people on into thinking that I could get them hooked up with a Graze invite. When I originally started receiving my Graze boxes, I kept my invites with the intention of giving them away on my blog when I wrote my first review – all was good and well until I discovered that Graze had shutdown all of my invites (along with MANY other people). I pulled the invite portion from my blog as quickly as I could to try to do a bit of damage control.

Part of this consisted of contacting Graze themselves to see if they could offer an expiration as to why my invites had expired in the first place, because there was no expiration date listed anywhere that I could find. I was given this response :

I completely see your point of view and totally understand your frustration about not being able to use the code that was sent to you – and I can’t disagree with your opinion that it would have been far better service to let folks know what we were going to do in advance of stopping the codes.

I am afraid that our sole reason for changing the codes from 4 invites to 1 right away is that we had to act really fast. Customers were signing up incredibly fast and we were in danger of getting to a point where we would be unable to offer customers a good service. We are really sorry that this change happened so quickly and that we did not inform you.

She later went on to explain that they updated their FAQs to reflect this information, but I can’t say I check website FAQs every time I visit a website to see if they have added something new.

I will still continue to purchase Graze boxes, but I definitely feel like they dropped the ball with their customer service in regards to this situation. I am working on getting those of you who were interested invites (through friends and the like) and will be more cautious in the future about situations like these.

Thank you for your understanding, and let’s get back to eating some junk food.


March 10, 2013
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