Let’s get weird!

Hey ya’ll its Friday! For us Monday through Friday-ers this is pretty exciting. I have a lot of stuff in  my pending file that I need to get through, so I thought I would do something fun to get the ole brain gears turning. Recently while listening to a podcast by one of my favorite groups of people called Continue Cast they posed the following question:

If you had a pool of food to swim in, what would it be filled with?

Personally? I think mine would be marshmallows. Although I think I somewhat experienced this when I went into an indoor trampoline place here in Sacramento and almost broke my back jumping into a foam pit. It was nearly impossible to make  my way out of the pit because the more I moved the more I sank. Maybe I should change my answer… cold hot chocolate? Then I could have a drink while swimming around.

What would you choose?

4 thoughts on “Let’s get weird!

  1. Chips. I know what your are thinking… WHY?!? Well simply because I think the crunch would be satisfying, but then you also get the “why am I doing this” feeling when all the chips break and pierce your skin and the salt is in your wounds (literally)… I would never get out of a pudding pool, so chips would help my time management.

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