Blue Diamond Almonds – Rosemary & Black Pepper

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Good evening! Somehow I lost some time in the last two days and thought it was later in the week than it was. Color me disappointed when I finally consulted my phone and saw that it was only Tuesday. Have you all put your Christmas decorations up yet? I helped hang some lights yesterday and nearly blew myself across the street, but that’s a story for another day.

I don’t know if you noticed but I’m a snacker. I honestly prefer to eat little bits here and there all day instead of heavy meals that do nothing but put me into a food induced coma. Despite some of the crap I eat and share with you on here, I do attempt to try and pick healthier foods to snack on. One recent addiction has been almonds.


I haven’t always loved almonds. I would say its only been in the last 6 months that I have really given them a chance. I don’t really find plain almonds all that appealing so I am glad that they are releasing lots of different flavors to keep things interesting.

When I saw these at Target I got instant flashbacks to one of my favorite chips EVER, Archer Farms Baked Rosemary & Garlic chips. Rosemary is not something that I would normally consider to be a delicious chip topping, but good grief, I think I was keeping that flavor or chips on the shelves with how many bags I was buying. Rosemary and black pepper? I’m in.

When I cracked this tin of almonds open, the first thing I smelled was black pepper with a slight hint of rosemary. I thought for sure that since rosemary is such a potent spice that it would overpower things but that wasn’t the case at all. The almonds had a hefty even coating on the outside, ensuring that each almond is flavorful. When you first bite into the almond you encounter the taste of rosemary but it is quickly steamrolled by black pepper. These could have just been called Black Pepper Almonds. Because of the coating on the outside it manages to find its way into every nook & cranny of your mouth, leaving you with a really strong pepper taste. These taste good, but I wish there was more of a balance in the flavor.


Texture: 3/5 – The outside coating make these a tad gritty but they have a nice crunch, which is expected from an almond.

Smell: 4/5 – The rosemary is slightly noticeable when smelling these but you mostly smell the pepper.

Appearance: 3.5/5 – There is no shorts me of visible flavoring on these almonds.

Taste: 3.5/5– My overall verdict on these is that they are good. If you do not like strong pepper flavoring you should pass on these because that is the main flavoring that you will taste in these. The only thing that I find disappointing is that the flavoring is so overpowering that I could only eat a half-dozen or so before I was just overwhelmed with the strong flavor. If Blue Diamond could tone down the pepper a bit and turn up the rosemary, I feel like they would have a home run on their hands.

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  • Reply Chaosbutterfly

    I just tasted these and feel the same way. I love black pepper and put it on everything and anything, but this is tooo much.

    December 19, 2012 at 9:13 pm
  • Reply brandon

    You may have gotten a bad batch. I had some last night and they were fabulous and quite rosemary-y.

    December 20, 2012 at 10:59 am
  • Reply Barb Berglund Tomek

    I just had three of these and the pepper to rosemary is PERFECT. As a matter of fact, I can still taste rosemary five minutes later. LOVE these!

    March 18, 2013 at 1:34 pm
  • Reply Jason

    By far the best almonds I have EVER had. I love them; please don’t go away.

    April 30, 2013 at 2:29 pm
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