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Please note that if you are writing in regards to a food that you think I should review please keep the following in mind:

I do not drink alcoholic beverages – I am of age to, but choose not to (As in, I have never tasted alcohol in my life). No reason in particular, just never had the urge. Trust me though, those whipped cream vodkas, mudslides, and sour puckers have tried to tempt me though.

I do not drink soda – I stopped drinking soda in 2005 after convincing myself that I was going to get diabetes from the sheer amount I was drinking. So I quit cold turkey.

Dairy – My body is selectively lactose intolerant. I can eat dairy but occasionally we disagree on life, so I made a choice in August of 2012 to avoid it as much as possible. BUT! If there is something I absolutely must try, send it my way!

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