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Hawaiian Host – Aloha Macs & Christmas Macadamia Medley

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So the lovely people at Hawaiian Host recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing some of their holiday products – UH DUH. Of course I obliged and instantly the video above played repeatedly in my head until these treats arrived at my doorstep from that place I’ve never been to… Hawaii. (Please note, any travel agencies reading my blog that would like me to review a resort in Hawaii, the answer is always yes – just sayin.)



I thought I would start off with the ole standard of milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Its no surprise here that these were delicious. Combining delicious macadamia nuts with chocolate is a match made in heaven – and gives chocolate and peanut butter a run for their money for best confectionary duo. Or is that hazelnuts and chocolate… OKAY NUTS AND CHOCOLATE BELONG TOGETHER. These are dangerous to have around the house because they seem to magically disappear and by magically disappear I mean that I can eat the entire tray in one sitting while watching tv. One thing that makes you feel less horrible about yourself is that there are considerably less in the tray than in a box of See’s Candy.

Texture: 3.5/5 – So I am unsure if during their journey to my doorstep if they were melted a little and then re-solidified but the chocolate had that weird crumbly texture to it on some of them, but for the most part the macadamia nuts were crunchy and the chocolate was smooth.

Smell: 4/5 – The only thing that you can really smell is the chocolate you are about to consume and it smells tasty!

Appearance: 3/5 – Like I touched on earlier, some of the chocolate was a little crumbly and had that oh so appealing white film, but that didn’t stop me from eating the hell out of them.

Taste: 4.5/5 – Well I think I made my point that these were good and unlike most of the other food that I review, did not make it into the hands of anyone else in my immediate circle of family and friends. YUM!


20140301-094324.jpgSo I like to think that I saved the best for last with the Christmas Macadamia Medley. It contains two flavors that I have consumed before, milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts and dark chocolate macadamia nuts but also has two that I have not tried, MacNut Crunch and Maui Caramacs. Of the two, I really enjoyed the MacNut Crunch. The macadamia nut to chocolate ratio is evened out by it being minced into small pieces instead of two large lumps in the middle of chocolate. The Caramac was really good as well, but I was expecting more of a chewy caramel instead of a rip your fillings out one bite at a time caramel.

Texture : 4.5/5 – The texture of the MacNut Crunch was similar to that of a Crunch bar. I really enjoyed the texture as it seemed more airy than the standard chocolate covered macadamia nut. The Caramac on the other hand gave me a jaw cramp from the chewiness of the caramel.

Smell : 5/5 – This box of chocolates smelled just as yummy as the previous box I consumed prior.

Appearance : 5/5 – This box of chocolate fared much better than the other box did, sparing itself from the weird white film and crumbly chocolate – and all of the chocolates looked simply delectable.

Taste : 5/5 – Now before I get into the taste of these chocolates, how come no one has ever made an edible tray in the box? If you look at the close up picture of the chocolates, the brown tray looks almost good enough to eat – how come no one has capitalized on it? Environmentally friendly and makes my inner fat kid happy. The MacNut Crunch chocolates were very very good, I would eat an entire box of these alone. I could take or leave the Caramacs, while they are good because I enjoy caramel, I did not find them very rememberable. I do however like that they chopped up the macadamia nut instead of taking a whole nut, covering it in caramel then covering it chocolate.

Of the two boxes that I was sent, I would probably be more apt to purchase the medley because I like the variety but both of them were very good. I’d like to thank Hawaiian Host for the opportunity to sample both of these boxes of treats and that the opinions I have posted are my own and I have not been compensated in any way other than the boxes of chocolates. Merry Christmas peoples!


December 23, 2013

Peanut Butter Toast Crunch

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Hey everyone – Are any of you fans of having cereal for dinner? There is something about having breakfast for dinner that makes it taste so much better than if you sit down half asleep and pour yourself a bowl of your favorite cereal after a restless night. Maybe thats the key right there, it tastes better at night because you’re more awake, or you’re starving – one of the two.

I noticed that General Mills came out with a handful of new cereals at the same time, but the one that really caught my eye was the Peanut Butter Toast Crunch. Cinnamon Toast Crunch was a staple in my house as a kid growing up. I remember devouring a bowl of it every few mornings while watching Mr. Wizard. (and if you don’t know who that is, I implore you to watch a few episodes on YouTube or watch this awesome video right here.) I enjoy my cereal with more cereal than milk, which helps retain its delicious sugary outside.


If my memory serves me correctly, there really hasn’t been much that has been changed in regards to the _______ Toast Crunch genre, so I did a quick double take when I saw this on a large display at Walmart. My brain couldn’t really wrap around Peanut Butter Toast Crunch and even as I poured myself a bowl, I was expecting to taste cinnamon and sugar, despite it being completely different. Much like Cinnamon Toast Crunch the outside of the cereal has a visible grainy coating. I added my unflavored soy milk and took a huge bite. I was really surprised by the taste. It is not overly peanut buttery with a nice sweet undertone, with a nice crunch from the cereal. Before I knew it I had eaten the entire bowl in a blink of an eye and decided to have a second, which is pretty rare when it comes to cereal, even my most favorite of cereals. I think the only way that this could have been any better would be if you used chocolate milk instead of regular.


Texture: 4/5 – The grainy outside does not make this cereal unpleasant. Like the original, it has a nice crunch to it.

Smell: 3/5 – This cereal smells like a peanut butter cookie.

Appearance: 3/5 – Appearance wise, this looks similar to its big brother. I don’t think there is really much you can do to change the way this cereal looks and keep with the branding.

Taste: 5/5 – I really liked this cereal and cannot wait to try it with a little bit of chocolate soy milk (YUM!) The peanut butter mixed with slight sweetness and crunch makes it a decent breakfast cereal for the kids at heart without being exceptionally sugary like most kids cereals are. My only beef is that it has a slight greasy texture after eating, if that makes any sense. I would definitely buy this again. And again.

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January 24, 2013

Wheat Thins – Cheese Crunch

Posted in Snack Crackers

Hooray! It’s 4 day weekend time (unless you are working on Thursday or Friday, in which case I say, I am sorry)! I thought about hitting my local grocery store to see if anything new would tickle my fancy to review for you guys tonight, but then I remembered how much I hate large crowds – let alone large crowds searching for food for tomorrow. On my 45 minute drive home from work I mentally went through my stash and remembered that I had picked these up at Walmart not too long ago.

Of all the snack crackers, Wheat Thins are my absolute favorite. I could, and have, easily demolish a box in one sitting if I am not paying attention. There is just something about the slightly buttery wheat flavor with the perfect amount of salt that sends me into a snack food frenzy. There are a few things that I hold sacred in the snack food world. Don’t put ketchup on french fries, don’t flavor blast my Goldfish, and there is no such thing as too much butter on popcorn.


I am not overly a fan of foods that have extreme flavor coatings. My mentality behind it is that it does not really enhance the flavor of the food it is on, but just clobbers it to death. Upon popping the bag open of the Cheese Crunch Wheat Thins, I was indeed met with a heavy coating of cheese powder on my beloved snack. I don’t know if working in grocery has turned me off to the way some cheese smells, or if working in the medical industry has exposed me to too much vomit, but honestly? This smelled like a mix between the two. You’re welcome for the mental picture.

After getting past the smell, I popped a couple in my mouth. Honestly? I wasn’t impressed. What have you done to my Wheat Thin? I feel like adding all these flavors to my favorite snack cracker is nothing short of trying to reinvent the wheel. The cheese flavor is definitely present, but does not leave any sort of aftertaste once you get to the thin itself. The sheer amount of powder all over these things really botches the entire flavor for me. Between these, Ranch, Sundried Tomato, and the Zesty Salsa, I only find the Zesty Salsa flavor somewhat decent.


Texture: 3/5 – Due to the intense amount of powdered cheese, it is akin to picking up a flocked Christmas tree. It gets everywhere. The powder is not grainy so it does not change the texture of the normally crunchy snack cracker.

Smell: 1/5 – Ugh.. no thank you.

Appearance: 2/5 – It is apparent by the cheese that you are not eating a normal Wheat Thin. These are definitely a snack that you do not want to consume if you are wearing a dark colored shirt to the office. Everyone will think you have a lovely case of dandruff!

Taste: 2.5/5 – I did not care for these very much. The cheese powder was overpowering and totally steamrolled the flavor of the Wheat Thin. I feel like had the cheese been baked into the cracker instead of sprinkled on the outside, that they would have yielded better results. These are no replacement for a delicious Cheez-It though.

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November 21, 2012